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Laser Spine Institute – 2013 Marks another Year of Exceptional Growth

From their founding in 2005, Laser Spine Institute has helped tens of thousands of patients around the world find relief from chronic neck and back pain. Laser Spine Institute says the key to its success is in their innovative, minimally invasive spine surgery techniques and patient-centric approach to healthcare. While not everyone who has complaints of neck or back pain will require surgery, when surgery is imminent, patients are intrigued by the possibility of the shorter recovery times and lower complication rates of Laser Spine Institute’s minimally invasive surgical procedures.

After recently opening their outpatient surgical facility in the Lone Star State, Laser Spine Institute now has five total locations, including their corporate headquarters in Tampa, FL. The fact that procedures at Laser Spine Institute are performed on an outpatient basis, and 97 percent of Laser Spine Institute's patients have reported they would recommend a friend or family member to LSI, likely helps account for the organization's unprecedented growth in the last eight years.

With growth of this magnitude, it's no surprise that Laser Spine Institute is always hiring. The organization now employs more than 30 surgeons, physicians and anesthesiologists, as well as hundreds of nurses, other health care professionals and support staff. Open employment available at Laser Spine Institute ranges from medical positions such as registered nurses, physician assistants and MRI radiographers to administrative positions including billing specialists, patient care coordinators and website developers.

Laser Spine Institute Performs New Minimally Invasive Fusion Procedures & Adult Stem Cell Therapy

When Laser Spine Institute opened its doors, surgeons there offered four types of endoscopic spine surgeries – foraminotomy, laminotomy, facet thermal ablation and endoscopic discectomy. These four procedures were designed for the treatment of degenerative spine conditions (herniated discs, spinal osteoarthritis, spinal stenosis, etc.) without the need for highly invasive spinal fusion. Laser Spine Institute has helped tens of thousands of patients with these procedures, providing patients with an alternative to traditional spinal fusion and the long recovery that this open spine surgery entails.

However, even though Laser Spine Institute offers alternatives to spinal fusion, surgeons there still recognize that spinal fusion is the best treatment option in certain severe cases of spinal degeneration. In July 2012, Laser Spine Institute introduced minimally invasive stabilization surgical options, which allow patients who need spinal fusion to receive treatment through a minimally invasive approach and in an outpatient setting. Now Laser Spine Institute offers several minimally invasive spinal fusion procedures – for the neck, anterior cervical discectomy and fusion; and for the lower back, transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion and lateral lumbar interbody fusion.

About the same time that Laser Spine Institute introduced these procedures, they also announced another medical breakthrough – the use of adult stem cells for the treatment of intervertebral disc degeneration. Called RegenaDISC®, this spinal disc treatment was pioneered by Laser Spine Institute surgeon and Chief of Surgical Innovation Dr. Mark Flood. During a RegenaDISC® procedure, a patient's own adult stem cells are injected into a torn, ruptured, collapsed, or bulging spinal disc to promote regeneration.

On the Horizon – Decompression with an Interlaminar Stabilization Device

The coflex® device is a device that can be inserted during a minimally invasive decompression procedure. The coflex® device helps to relieve pain associated with spinal stenosis, while allowing patients to avoid spinal fusion and retain their range of motion. Laser Spine Institute will be offering decompression with an interlaminar stabilization device starting in late 2013.

Laser Spine Institute Awards & Accolades

Since its founding, Laser Spine Institute has won awards from several publications and organizations. Tampa Bay Times named Laser Spine Institute on its Top Work Places list in 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013. Laser Spine Institute also has landed on such lists as Most Admired Companies by BestCompaniesAZ, Modern Healthcare's "Best Places to Work," as well as Tampa Bay Business Journal's "Best Places to Work," "Healthiest Employers," and "Health Care Heroes."

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